I grew up near Atlanta, Georgia. Chief Frodo is my trail name from the Appalachian trail which I thru-hiked in 1998. I taught high school science for 12 years, 2 at a public school in Springfield, Oregon and 10 at a private school in D.C. I lived in Eugene, Oregon from 2001-2010, where I was active in the art community and where I designed, sculpted and built puppets and sets for Imagine-a-nation puppet theater. I also met my wife, Jaylene and started a family with her while we lived there. Before that, I was a bike messenger and artist in Midtown Atlanta and I cycled across the continent twice. I've been working in sketchbooks since 1992. I'm currently on Vol. 55, 58, 59, and 60 (all different sizes). Each volume contains approximately 100-200 pieces, generally not for sale. I have painted over 2,000 originals ranging from 14'X 8' to 4" X 3" and have sold all but 50 or so of my favorites over the past 25 years. I worked on Theater props and sets for Montgomery College and The Field School (where I taught science). I also made digital stop motion animations with my wife and I have also painted (solo and on a crew) murals in Atlanta, Rockville and Temple Hills, Maryland. I currently make about 40 non-sketchbook originals per year. Though I have shown and sold work in half a dozen states before now, I have focused on my education and teaching for the past decade and have not actively promoted my art since moving to Silver Spring, Maryland. This website is my venture back into the world of the professional artist. Though I never stopped making art, I stopped selling original pieces in person in 2009. A high quality limited edition giclee print of any piece here, whether or not the original has been sold can be purchased through my Etsy shop which every piece in the gallery is linked to. I am currently promoting my art through instagram and this website which I launched July, 2018.

I compose portraits, both literal and psychological. I make portraits of people I love, portraits of friends and of people that have been marginalized by capitalist society. I paint portraits of famous artists by copying their work in alternate mediums (attempting to channel their style). My work is intimate, whether it explores the innermost workings of the human mind, makes fun of itself, is a celebration of life, or simply portrays an intimate view of a person that is so personal you might want to look away. I either make my pieces by: drawing from life, using a photograph I have taken that is compelling, or by making a random series of marks and pulling an image from within those marks. I am an abstractionist and if the image is unsuccessful, I will cut it to pieces, rearrange it and use it to compose another image or augment an image that needs help. No matter how I generate an image, my art tells the truth. Through my portrayal of the world I am exploring my identity as a middle aged white man and school teacher and my connection to the world around me.



BFA, Drawing and Painting, University of Georgia


BS, Biology, University of Oregon


M.Ed, Teaching and Learning, University of Oregon




Alchemy of Art, October, 'Drawings and paintings' Baltimore,MD 


Snake Hill Tavern, Baltimore, Maryland - drawings and paintings’   August- September.


The Cutting Room, Digital Backdrop for Leo Manzari / Clockwork  Manhattan, NY

Takoma Beverage Company, Takoma Park, Maryland - drawings and paintings’   January 13th- end of March, Opening reception January 20th. 


8003 Takoma Avenue, ‘house show -retrospective- drawings and paintings’  


 Plaza Art Supplies 8209 Georgia avenue, ‘Fine art - sculpture’   


Jaw Breaker Gallery, ‘Eugene, Oregon retrospective- drawings and paintings’  

 Jaw Breaker Gallery Gallery, Eugene, Oregon, ' drawings and paintings’  

Eugene, Oregon, Coffee People, 'drawings and paintings’ 

Six more solo shows in Eugene, Oregon , 'sculpture drawings and paintings’ 


Downtown Lounge, 'drawings and paintings’  

 Gallery of Unfine Art, ‘Fine art - sculpture’   



Shows in Atlanta and Decatur, Georgia. Tucson, Arizona, SanFrancisco, California and Eugene and Portland, Oregon. 'drawings and paintings’  

Brick Store Pub, Athens Georgia,  'drawings and paintings’



January 11th-February 23rd, 29th Annual juried exhibit. Strathmore. Rockville, MD


December 7th, Holiday show. Takoma Community Center. Takoma Park, MD

December 4th-28th, Small works show. Y:ArtGallery, Baltimore, MD

December 6th, Snake Hill Holiday pop-up sale Snake Hill, Baltimore, MD

October 4-24th, Nocturne: competition. Night Owl Gallery, Baltimore, MD

August 31-September 2,  Glen Echo Labor Day Show, Glen Echo, MD

July- August, Y: Art  Gallery, Baltimore, MD

July, Yellow Barn Gallery, Glen Echo, MD


December, Takoma Park Holiday show  (Community Center), Silver Spring, MD

November- December, The Fridge  (Sticker Expo)    Washington,  DC

October 27th and 28th, Crafty Bastards, D.C. Navy Yards capitol riverfront.

September-October Willow Street Gallery, D.C. Show: "Unframed" 'fine art'


Summer, Bump n Grind, Silver Spring, Show: "Song lyrics" 'fine art'

Montgomery College, Silver Spring campus ‘Booty Candy  Props/set design'


Montgomery College ,Silver Spring campus ’Natural Causes, Props/set design'

Montgomery College (Silver Spring campus) ‘Firebugs, Props/set design' 


Takoma Park Community Center Gallery , Fine art- stop motion sets and sculpture' 


Maude Kerns Gallery, Eugene, Oregon 'drawings and paintings'

Maude Kerns Gallery, Eugene, Oregon 'paintings and puppetry'

5 more group shows in Eugene 'drawings, paintings and sculpture'


Haight Ashbury Street Fair, San Francisco, California 'Fine art'


10 shows at various locations in Atlanta, Georgia


Four shows in Tucson, Arizona


B.F.A. exit show at Lamar Dodd School of Art Gallery 'over 40 pieces- paintings and sculpture'


9 shows in Athens, Georgia, 8 shows in Atlanta Georgia 'drawings and paintings'

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